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Ohio State Song

Ohio State Song

"Beautiful Ohio"

Official State Song
"Beautiful Ohio"
Lyrics: Ballard MacDonald
Special Lyrics: Wilbert B. McBride
Music: Mary Earl
Adoption: 1969 (readopted 1989)

Official State Rock Song
"Hang On Sloopy"
Lyrics: Bert Berns and Wes Farrell
Music: Bert Berns and Wes Farrell
Adoption: 1985

Ballard MacDonald penned the lyrics for the waltz "Beautiful Ohio" in 1918. Mary Earl, under the pseudonym Robert A. "Bobo" King, composed the music. Twenty years after adoption in 1969, new lyrics written by Wilbert B. McBride, an Ohio attorney, were added. "Beautiful Ohio" is the theme song of the Ohio State University's alumni band and is also frequently played by the marching band. The state's official rock song, "Hang on Sloopy," gained popularity in 1965 when it was recorded by Dayton rock band the McCoys. However, the Ohio State University marching band gave the first public performance of the song at a university football game. The song was adopted as the official state rock song in 1985, making Ohio the first state to have such a designation.  -World Trade Press
"Beautiful Ohio" (Modern Lyrics)
I sailed away;
Wandered afar;
Crossed the mighty restless sea;
Looked for where I ought to be.
Cities so grand, mountains above,
Led to this land I love.
Beautiful Ohio, where the golden grain
Dwarf the lovely flowers in the summer rain.
Cities rising high, silhouette the sky.
Freedom is supreme in this majestic land;
Mighty factories seem to hum in tune, so grand.
Beautiful Ohio, thy wonders are in view,
Land where my dreams all come true!

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