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Wisconsin State Day, Motto, and Nickname

Wisconsin State Day, Motto, and Nickname

State Day
Wisconsin Day (observed each Wednesday of the third full week in September)
Date of Admission to United States
May 29, 1848
Ranking in State Admission
Former Designation
Northwest Territory
Indiana Territory
Illinois Territory
Michigan Territory
Wisconsin Territory
The area that is now the state of Wisconsin at one time or another in history was part of the Northwest Territory, Indiana Territory, Illinois Territory, and Michigan Territory. As a part of the Michigan Territory, many disputes over boundaries, territorial divisions, and political actions arose that added confusion to the issue of forming a separate Wisconsin Territory, and delayed such prospects from occurring.
On July 3, 1836, the organized incorporated Territory of Wisconsin was formed. For the next 12 years the territory flourished and began fulfilling the requirements for statehood. A state capitol was built in Madison, and the final political requirements were completed by March of 1848 with the adoption of a constitution. Finally, on May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became the 30th state of the Union.
"Forward" was adopted as the official state motto in 1851. This motto reflects the state’s ambitious drive to lead the way.
"America’s Dairyland," "America’s Bread Basket," "The Badger State"
Wisconsin is a national leader in dairy production and has earned the nickname "America’s Dairyland." The fertile soils and natural resources of Wisconsin make it one of the leaders in the nation’s food production industry. The nickname "America’s Bread Basket" refers to this wealth. The badger was adopted as the official state animal in 1957 and now appears on the state coat of arms, state seal, and state flag. The nickname "Badger State" refers not only to the animal’s official status, but also to its use as a college mascot.

-World Trade Press

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