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United States: Other

United States: Other



Tipping is absolutely expected in the United States. Service providers in the US are often paid below minimum wage and rely on tips as a significant source of their income. You may adjust the amount you tip based on the quality of service you receive, but it is highly recommended to always leave something, even if the service was poor. Tipping with either cash or a credit card is acceptable.
Restaurant receipts will often have a line at the bottom where you can include a tip if you paid with a credit card. If you're tipping in cash, leaving it on the table is customary. Some counter-service businesses will have tip jars at the front counter. Tips may be retained by individual employees, divided among servers, and/or divided among servers and cooks, regardless of whether you tipped with cash or a credit card. 
Local currency in the United States is the US dollar (US$), which is subdivided into cents. One dollar is equal to one hundred cents. 

Tipping Guide

Parking attendants should receive US$1 to US$3.
Taxi and limo drivers should receive 15% to 20% of the total. 
Porters and bellhops should receive US$1 to US$2. 
Tip the doorkeeper US$1 if he or she provides a helpful service such as hailing a taxi or carrying bags.
Maids should receive US$1 to US$3 per day at average hotels, and US$5 to US$10 per day at upscale hotels.
Room service attendants should receive 15% to 20% of the total, unless a service charge has already been added.
Tipping concierges is only necessary if they provide exceptional service, such as securing difficult restaurant reservations. Tipping US$5 to US$20 is appropriate in this case, depending on the difficulty of the task and the quality of the service. 
Helpful cruise ship staff members should receive a few dollars per day per person.
Restaurants, Bars, Cafés
Note that many restaurants will include a 15% to 20% gratuity in the bill for groups of eight or more.
Tip 15% to 20% of the bill at a restaurant.
Tip bartenders 15% to 20% of the tab. You may also tip US$1 per beer or wine, or US$2 per mixed drink.
A wine steward at nicer restaurants should receive 10% of the wine bill.
Tipping is not necessary at fast-food restaurants or if you order food at a front counter and have it brought to your table. A 5% to 10% tip may be suitable if it is a nicer establishment.
Tipping at buffet-style restaurants is only necessary if a server provides drinks and checks on your table. Leaving US$1 to US$2 is appropriate in this case.
Cafés will often have a tip jar at the front counter. Leaving 5% to 10% is customary.
Delivery staff should receive at least US$1, or about 15% of the total.
Personal Services
Coatroom attendants should receive US$1 per coat.
Restroom attendants should receive US$0.50 to US$1.
Hairstylists and barbers should receive 10% to 20% of the total, depending on the quality and type of service.
Manicurists should receive 15% of the total. 
Shoe shiners should receive US$1 to US$2.
Tip massage therapists 10% to 20% of the total. 
Tour guides should receive US$2 to US$5 per day; private guides should receive slightly more.
Drivers should receive US$1 to US$2; private drivers should receive slightly more.

Primary Researcher: Maggie Ryan
World Trade Press
15 to 20 percent
Extra luggage or other additional services should be reflected in a larger tip.
Bellhop: $1 to $2/bag
(unless the bags weigh like a ton of bricks--in which case, tip more)
Room Service: 15 percent  (Only if no gratuity or service charge has been added to your bill)
Maid Service:  $1 to $2 per night; $2 to $5 per night in top-end hotels
Laundry/valet: 15 percent
Parking attendant:  $1 to $2
Wait Staff: 15 to 20 percent
Bartender: 10 to 15 percent
Hair stylist:  15%
Manicurist: 10-15%

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