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American Samoa Territory Song

American Samoa Territory Song

"Amerika Samoa" or "Samoa Amelika"

Date of Adoption: 1950
Music by: Napoleon Andrew Tuiteleleapaga
Lyrics by: Mariota Tiumalu Tuiasosopo
The Anthem
American Samoa is like other American territories in that its official national anthem is that of the United States (albeit a Samoan translation). But there is an official territorial anthem as well, entitled "Amerika Samoa" or "Samoa Amelika," that was officially adopted in 1950. The music was composed by clan chief, lawyer, and self-taught musician Napoleon Andrew Tuiteleleapaga. Tuiteleleapaga went on to compose several other songs that are very popular in Samoa. The lyrics, written in the native Samoan language, refer to the country as "the jewel of the Pacific" and "land of the free." The song also refers to the Samoan legends of Tutuila and Manu'a Ala mai.  -World Trade Press
Amerika Samoa
Lo'u atunu'u pele oe
Ou te tiu i lou igoa
O oe o lo'u fa'amoemoe
O oe o le Penina o le Pasefika
E mo'omia e motu e lima
E ua ta'uta'ua au aga i fanua
Ma ou tala mai anamua
Tutuila ma Manu'a
Ala maia tu i luga
Tautua ma punou i lou Malo
Ia manuia ia ulu ola
Amerika Samoa
O le Malo o le Sa'olotoga

English Translation
American Samoa
You are my beloved country
Your name I shan't search for
You are my hope
You are the jewel of the Pacific
That is the lure of the five islands E ua
Your name forever holds
Your legends of yore
Tutuila and Manu'a Ala mai
Stand up and be counted
Serve and bow down to your country
Let it be blessed and grow
American Samoa
The land of the free

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