14 Mayıs 2013 Salı

DPP is active - Ward-Brew

Ward Brew
The Founder and Chairman of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP), Mr Ward-Brew, has dismissed as erroneous the rumours that his party is dead.

The DPP is very active, he told the Daily Graphic in a telephone interview last Tuesday.

Throwing light on what was happening within the DPP, he recalled that the party fielded 16 parliamentary candidates in the 2012 elections.

Mr Ward-Brew said the DPP was the seventh party that fielded the highest number of parliamentary candidates and no other small party could compare themselves with this bold step of the party.

Commenting on his party’s position on a unified Nkrumaist front, Mr Ward-Brew said every year “ we use to hear about proposed unity talks which do not end anywhere,’’ adding that the CPP and PNC had serious fundamental problems which required that they sit down and find lasting solutions to them instead of taking them lightly.

He said DPP had been consistent and never participated in the unity talks since 1992 when the party was formed because the unity talks looked like a joke while their support base continued to drop.

He said until such fundamental factors were resolved, the DPP would not join for opportunistic sake, he told the Daily Graphic.

He said the DPP had been calling for the institutionalisation of the name of Nkrumah as a man of honour insisting “it was not good for political parties to use the name of Nkrumah in vain, to contest elections and only to be disgraced.

“Waving the flag of Nkrumah alone could not bring votes unless the serious fundamental factors were removed so that people will be willing to go along with the party,” Mr Ward Brew stated.

He said Ghanaians were faced with the problem of high cost of living, which was getting out of hand.

He called on all the Nkrumaist parties to work hard to convince the electorate that they had the right calibre of people who, when voted into political power, would not waste their votes but bring development to the doorsteps of all.

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