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Florida State Song

Florida State Song

"Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)" and
"Old Folks at Home"

Official State Anthem
"Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)"
Lyrics and Music: Charles Atkins
Adoption: 2008

Official State Song
"Old Folks at Home"
Lyrics and Music: Stephen Foster, 1851
Adoption: 1935
"Florida, My Florida" was the first Florida state song, adopted in 1913. In 1935 the minstrel tune "Old Folks at Home," more commonly known called "The Swanee River" from its most recognizable lyric, was adopted as the official state song because of the popularity of its catchy and upbeat melody. The song was written in 1851 by composer Stephen Foster specifically to be performed by the New York performing troupe Christy's Minstrels. The composer, who had never even visited Florida, is reported to have chosen the term "Swanee" because its two-syllable cadence fit nicely with the music he had composed. The song’s negative association with minstrel shows where white actors wore blackface, and the "Old South" feeling of the song in general, led to the adoption of an additional state song in 2007. "Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky," by Charles Atkins, an African-American jazz musician, was the song selected after a statewide contest. On July 1, 2008, "Old Folks At Home," with some revised lyrics, was declared the state song and "Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky" was declared the state anthem.  -World Trade Press
"Old Folks at Home"
Way down upon the Suwannee River,
Far, far away,
There’s where my heart is turning ever,
There’s where the old folks stay.
All up and down the whole creation,
Sadly I roam,
Still longing for my childhood station,
And for the old folks at home.
All the world is sad and dreary
Everywhere I roam.
O dear ones, how my heart grows weary,
Far from the old folks at home.
All ‘round the little farm I wander’d,
When I was young;
Then many happy days I squander’d,
Many the songs I sung.
When I was playing with my brother,
Happy was I.
Oh, take me to my kind old mother,
There let me live and die.
One little hut among the bushes,
One that I love.
Still sadly to my memory rushes,
No matter where I rove.
When will I see the bees a humming,
All ‘round the comb?
When shall I hear the banjo strumming,
Down in my good old home.

"Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)"
Florida, where the sawgrass meets the sky.
Florida, where our hearts will ever lie.
Sitting proud in the ocean like a sentinel true,
Always shielding your own, yet giving welcome.

Mocking birds cry and 'gators lie out in the sun.
Bridges span southward to the Keys and rockets skyward run.
The orange blossoms' sweet perfume and fireworks fill the air.
And cultures rich, our native people share.

Florida, where the sawgrass meets the sky.
Florida, where our heats will ever lie.

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