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Nebraska State Song

Nebraska State Song

"Beautiful Nebraska"

Lyrics: Jim Fras and Guy Gage Miller
Music: Jim Fras
Adoption: 1967
"Beautiful Nebraska" is a classic song composed by professional entertainer Jim Fras. Fras, a Russian immigrant, got the inspiration for the song while driving through the countryside near Lincoln. A friend of Fras’, poet Guy Gage Miller, helped pen the lyrics. After much deliberation, "Beautiful Nebraska" was designated as the official state song on June 21, 1967, during Nebraska’s centennial celebration of statehood. It became widely popular among Nesbraskans, as it poignantly reflects the state and its people.  -World Trade Press
Beautiful Nebraska, peaceful prairieland,
Laced with many rivers, and the hills of sand;
Dark green valleys cradled in the earth,
Rain and sunshine bring abundant birth.
Beautiful Nebraska, as you look around,
You will find a rainbow reaching to the ground;
All these wonders by the Master's hand;
Beautiful Nebraska land.
We are so proud of this state where we live,
There is no place that has so much to give.

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