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StanChart eyes gov't sector with new payroll banking

STANDARD Chartered Bank Brunei (SCB) has set its sights on attracting more government servants to deposit their salaries with the bank as part of its long-term initiatives, said SCB Head of Corporate Strategic Initiatives Pg Aki Ismasufian.

During a press conference to introduce SCB's new head of employee banking Dk Hjh Suzie FadriawatyPHA Rahman yesterday, Pg Aki Ismasufian explained to the media that the bank has been motivated to seek further growth in the salary segment after seeing a positive response from one of its offerings.

"Since launching our enhanced Total Salary Solution Package in March this year, we have seen a remarkable 60 per cent growth in employee banking, and will continue to come up with innovative solutions as well as convenience differentiators to enhance our customers' experience with us," he said.

"We have also set our sights on penetrating the salary market for government employees, which is a key target for us," Pg Aki Ismasufian said, adding that the bank is also targetting the private sector industries, such as the oil and gas.

Meanwhile, employee banking head Dk Suzie, said that the bank places a strong focus in the salary segment and aims to provide convenience, accessibility and efficiency to customers, who place their salaries with them.

"We aim to provide the ultimate payroll banking solutions through our tailor-made packages designed to give greater return on their salaries," she said.

SCB's employee banking programme seeks to provide customers with value-added services and benefits — among which are dedicated employee banking relationship managers; on-site services for new accounts or financial advice; special financing packages; and priority banking recognition.

Employees under the programme are also given the benefit of a dedicated employee banking hotline, which runs 24/7 to address their account queries, have access to financial planners and take part in the Total Salary Solution packages, which brings out better savings through preferential rates, fee waivers and more.

SCB launched the Total Salary Solution in November 2011 under the tagline "a personal banking plan that offers exclusive benefits and perks when you entrust your salary with us".

According to a July 2012 report, the campaign saw an increase that was more than double of the normal take-up rate.

At that time, general manager of transactional banking Brenda Low, said that the increase is testament to the attractiveness of the added benefits along with the bank's offer of an iPad, which is now defunct.

"With this information in hand, we now have a better understanding on how we can increase the value of our overall salary package to customers, and will look towards campaigns of a similar nature in the future," Low said.

Key features of the package include: The SuperSalary account, which is the daily earning of interest with no requirements on initial deposit amount; bonus interest of up to 1.5 per cent per annum paid monthly for three years based on the salary amount credited into the SuperSalary account; and free processing fees on the first loan application for Personal Loan, Home Loan and Overdraft.

Apart from that, the bank is introducing other service initiatives, such as the 10-seconds call guarantee; the eight-minutes service pledge; and the 10-minutes service guarantee for account opening.

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