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Welcome to American Samoa

Welcome to American Samoa

Amerika Sâmoa or Sâmoa Amelika

The unincorporated territory of American Samoa first came under U.S. rule after the 1899 Tripartite Convention, which divided Samoa between Germany and the U.S. While Germany's part of the archipelago became an independent state in 1962, American Samoa has remained under U.S. jurisdiction ever since formal occupation in 1900. Considered "unincorporated" due to the fact that the U.S. Congress never passed an Organic Act defining the territory, American Samoa has been self-governing since July 1, 1967, when its own constitution went into effect. Those born on the islands are considered American nationals and are only U.S. citizens if one or both of their parents are.
More than 90 percent of land in American Samoa is communally owned. Most private sector jobs focus on tuna fishing and processing—StarKist and Samoa Packing export hundreds of millions of dollars of tuna to the U.S. annually. While tourism is a burgeoning industry, according to 2005 data, American Samoa's unemployment rate is a staggering 29.8 percent. To add to the economic hardship, a 2009 magnitude 8.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunamis killed dozens and caused severe damage to electrical infrastructure. This beautiful island chain in the South Pacific, which has been inhabited since roughly 1000 BCE, has certainly seen its share of hardships in both the past and present, but hopefully it will rebound with modern solutions to its pressing problems.

Territory Name: American Samoa
Territory Motto: Samoa, Muamua Le Atua  ("Samoa, let God be first.")
Name for Residents: American Samoans
Abbreviation: AS
Time Zone: -11 UTC
Capital City: Pago Pago (de facto), Fagatogo (seat of government)
Date Granted Territorial Status: 1900
Area: 76.83 square miles (199 km²)
Territory Population: 65,628 (2009 estimate)
 Largest Villages:
    Pago Pago - 11,500 (2000)
    Fagatogo - 2,096 (2000)
Highest Point: Lata Mountain, 3,050 ft (931 m)
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean (sea level)
State Flag
American Samoa Territory Flag
State Seal
American Samoa Territory Seal
State Location Map
American Samoa Location Map
Author: World Trade Press

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