14 Mayıs 2013 Salı

Winner-takes-all politics is killing our nation – Stephen Adei

Stephen Adei
Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management And Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei, has bemoaned the country's “winner-takes-all” political system, saying it is negatively affecting the quality of leadership and the progress of democracy.

According to him the poor leadership and corruption in governance is due to failure to harness the competent human resources available in the country.

He was speaking at The ‘Ghanaman’ Lecture on the theme; “56 years on: Is the Ghanaian really capable of managing his/her own affairs?”

“Today, anyone who wants to assemble a world class team to manage the whole of Africa irrespective of their political, tribal and religious affiliation, will find people with more to spare among those living in Ghana today,” he stated.

The former GIMPA rector further mentioned, “We also have a reservoir of three million Ghanaians in the Diaspora into which we can tap. That we have not done so due to the poor leadership, adversarial and exclusive politics, so called winner takes all politics and other factors which have prevented the harnessing of our human resources to manage our affairs.”

Professor Adei also called for the decoupling of the Executive and the Legislature arms of government as a means to strengthening governance.

“We must work to promote the strengthening of governance institutions especially the judiciary. We have to deal with anti corruption institutions and the separation of powers between the executive and the legislature,” he said.

“The legislature is subservient to the executive because the majority leader has always made a part of the executive so how can he lead his section to scrutinize policies and laws he has been part of in bringing… We need a constitutional amendment to make sure that no one in parliament sits in the cabinet. The worst part is that the General Secretaries and Chairmen also sit in cabinet,” he added.

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