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Welcome to Nevada

Welcome to Nevada

"The Silver State"

Nevada is largely dominated by its largest city, the world-famous gambling and entertainment mecca Las Vegas. But the Silver State has more to offer than the neon and glitz of the brightest city on Earth. Nevada is a largely secular state known for its libertarian spirit. The modern state was born from the pioneering spirit of the West, and that attitude hasn't worn off much since the days homesteaders first staked their claims in the land, drawn to its rich deposits of silver and, later, gold. Today, in addition to Las Vegas, resort areas like Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, and Reno contribute greatly to the state's economy.
Largely desert, the state's topography remains relatively unspoiled because of a low population density. More than 80 percent of the land is federally owned, and 68 designated wilderness areas protect 6,579,014 acres (26,624 km2). Nevada is the birthplace of "the Bomb," and the federal government continued weapons testing until 1992. Nowadays, however, any glow seen in the sky over the state is likely emanating from Las Vegas' monolithic casino resorts.

State Name: Nevada
State Nickname: "The Silver State" 
State Motto: "All for our country" 
Name for Residents: Nevadan
Abbreviation: NV
Time Zone:
Pacific (most of state) GMT/UTC -8 / -7 (Daylight Savings Time)
Mountain (West Wendover) GMT/UTC -7 / -6 (Daylight Savings Time)
Capital City: Carson City 
Date of Statehood: October 31, 1864
Statehood Rank: 36th State
Area: 110,567 square miles (286,367 km²)
Area Rank: 7 of 50
Number of Counties: 17
State Population: 2,643,000 (2009 estimate)
Largest Cities:
    Las Vegas - 591,536 (2004)
    Henderson - 265,790 (2004)
    North Las Vegas - 216,672 (2004)
Major Rivers:
    Colorado River - Length: 1,450 mi (2,330 km)
    Humboldt River - Length: 300 mi (480 km)
    Carson River - Length: 150 mi (241 km)
Highest Point: Boundary Peak, 13,147 ft (4,005 m)
Lowest Point: Colorado River, 479 ft (146 m)
Bordering States and Countries:
    Idaho (Northeast)
    Oregon (Northwest)  
    Arizona (Southeast)
    California (West)
    Utah (East)
Record High Temperature:
    125°F (52°C)
    June 29, 1994 at Laughlin
Record Low Temperature:
    -50°F (-46°C)
    January 8, 1937 at San Jacinto 
State Flag
Nevada State Flag
State Seal
Nevada State Seal
State Location Map
Nevada Location Map
State Only Map
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