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Arizona GDP by State and Industry

Arizona GDP by State and Industry

The data shown below are for 2008. Figures are in millions of current dollars.

All industry total245,952
  Private industries215,329
      Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting2,513
          Crop and animal production (Farms)1,958
          Forestry, fishing, and related activities555
          Oil and gas extraction1
          Mining, except oil and gas4,114
          Support activities for mining230
          Durable goods16,313
              Wood product manufacturing369
              Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing1,321
              Primary metal manufacturing565
              Fabricated metal product manufacturing1,656
              Machinery manufacturing715
              Computer and electronic product manufacturing5,266
              Electrical equipment and appliance manufacturing273
              Motor vehicle, body, trailer, and parts manufacturing259
              Other transportation equipment manufacturing4,543
              Furniture and related product manufacturing582
              Miscellaneous manufacturing765
          Nondurable goods3,180
              Food product manufacturing1,131
              Textile and textile product mills161
              Apparel manufacturing31
              Paper manufacturing246
              Printing and related support activities498
              Petroleum and coal products manufacturing18
              Chemical manufacturing754
              Plastics and rubber products manufacturing341
      Wholesale trade14,147
      Retail trade20,384
      Transportation and warehousing, excluding Postal Service6,755
          Air transportation1,729
          Rail transportation738
          Water transportation11
          Truck transportation1,895
          Transit and ground passenger transportation317
          Pipeline transportation45
          Other transportation and support activities1,547
          Warehousing and storage471
          Publishing including software1,351
          Motion picture and sound recording industries152
          Broadcasting and telecommunications4,080
          Information and data processing services830
      Finance and insurance19,245
          Federal Reserve banks, credit intermediation and related services13,028
          Securities, commodity contracts, investments1,488
          Insurance carriers and related activities4,561
          Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles168
      Real estate and rental and leasing38,107
          Real estate34,310
          Rental and leasing services and lessors of intangible assets3,797
      Professional and technical services14,852
          Legal services2,471
          Computer systems design and related services2,149
          Other professional, scientific and technical services10,231
      Management of companies and enterprises3,195
      Administrative and waste services10,996
          Administrative and support services10,290
          Waste management and remediation services706
      Educational services1,831
      Health care and social assistance17,701
          Ambulatory health care services10,614
          Hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities5,819
          Social assistance1,268
      Arts, entertainment, and recreation2,375
          Performing arts, museums, and related activities1,099
          Amusement, gambling, and recreation1,276
      Accommodation and food services8,373
          Food services and drinking places5,483
      Other services, except government4,858
      Federal civilian5,315
      Federal military2,646
      State and local22,660

Data Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis (U.S. Department of Commerce)

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