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Film Festivals in Virginia

Film Festivals in Virginia

501 Front Street
Norfolk, Va 23510
Tel: (757) 622-7382
E-Mail: elizabetho@peta.org
Web: http://www.peta.org/feat/film/index.html
Contact: Elizabeth O'Mara
Festival Statement: Animal-friendly filmmakers, if you'd like to use your work to give audiences the reel scoop on the fight for animal rights-and win a chance to meet one of today's hottest indie directors-keep reading! Visit PETATV.com for information and to register your entry. Film and video projects should illustrate PETA's guiding principle that 'animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.'

FireWorks International
6477 College Park Square, Suite 222
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Tel: (757) 424-1907
E-Mail: Media_eye@msn.com
Web: http://www.redemptivefilms.com
Contact: Dr. Christopher Cunningham
Festival Statement: The Redemptive Film Festival is a festival aimed at providing a forum for filmmakers (professionals or students), to showcase and be rewarded for their work on themes that depict the redemptive purposes of God. Films can be of any genre and need not be overtly religious, nor draw conclusions. The exception to this rule is the exclusive 'Distinctly Gospel' category. Films which demean religion, include gratuitous violence, nudity or profanity are not suited for this competition. Films do not need to reflect Christian teachings but must adhere to basic Judeo-Christian Values, such as the respect for life, justice and morality. Proceeds from the festival will be donated to helping to rescue and empower the victims of modern day slavery.

5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, #122
Burke, Virginia 22015-2233
Tel: (707) 952-0122
E-Mail: Frank@sixmincin.com
Web: http://www.sixmincin.com
Contact: Frank Felker
Festival Statement: The Grand Prize is an all-expense-paid trip for two to Hollywood for two days of pitch meetings with TV and film executives. The winner even gets limo service while in LA and $1,000 spending money.

Tel: (239) 656-6985
E-Mail: info@sixtysecondfilms.com
Web: http://sixtysecondfilms.com
Contact: Terry McGleish
Festival Statement: SixtySecondFilms.com is now accepting entries for our online short film competition. We invite you, the independent film maker, to challenge your story telling abilities by filming, editing and showcasing your films on SixtySecondFilms.com. You've got one minute (yes, 60 seconds) to show us your best stuff.

617 West Main Street, 2nd Floor
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Tel: (434) 982-5560/(800) UVA-FEST
E-Mail: info@vafilm.com
Web: http://www.vafilm.com
Contact: Tori Talbot, Director of Operations
Festival Statement: The Festival will not be doing an open call for film submissions this year. We are instead considering films that are particularly relevant to our theme, IN/JUSTICE, and/or features made by Virginia filmmakers. If you feel that your film fits these requirements and is of high artistic quality, please send us a description, with exhibition history and/or reviews to info@vafilm.com. Please read the theme description on this site
www.vafilm.com/php-bin/news/showArticle.php?id=418 before contacting us. You will hear back from us only if we decide to request a videotape for consideration. UNSOLICITED TAPES CANNOT BE VIEWED OR RETURNED.

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