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New Hampshire Minerals Industry

New Hampshire Minerals Industry

Minerals Industry Report for New Hampshire

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In 2007, New Hampshire’s nonfuel raw mineral production was valued at $118 million, based upon annual U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data. This was a $1 million increase from the State’s total nonfuel value of 2006, following a nearly 33% increase in value from 2005 to 2006. Because data for dimension granite have been withheld (company proprietary data), the State’s actual total nonfuel mineral values for 2005–07 are higher than those reported in table 1. 
Despite a 19% decrease in its production, crushed stone replaced construction sand and gravel (a high-volume, though lower-unit-value mineral commodity) as New Hampshire’s leading nonfuel mineral commodity in 2007, accounting for 58% of the State’s nonfuel raw mineral production value. Crushed stone’s increase of more than $13 million led to the State’s total increase in value in 2007, as the mineral commodity’s annual average unit value rose by 53%. A 16% decrease in the quantity of construction sand and gravel produced in tandem with a relatively small decrease in its average unit value resulted in a $12.6 million decrease in its value from that of 2006. With only a marginal decrease in unit value, the production and the production value of dimension stone (granite) each rose by about 6%, while that of gemstones remained unchanged (table 1). 
New Hampshire continued to produce significant quantities of dimension stone in 2007, and remained 12th among 34 dimension stone-producing States.

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