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Indiana Minerals Industry

Indiana Minerals Industry

Minerals Industry Report for Indiana

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In 2007, Indiana’s nonfuel raw mineral production was valued at $991 million, based on annual U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data. This was a 0.5% increase of $5 million from the State’s total nonfuel mineral value for 2006, which had increased by $92 million, or more than 10%, from 2005 to 2006 (table 1). The State was 24th in rank (23d in 2006) among the 50 States in total nonfuel raw mineral production value, of which Indiana accounted for 1.4%. 
In 2007, crushed stone, by value, remained the State’s leading nonfuel mineral commodity, followed by portland cement and construction sand and gravel. The combined values of these three leading mineral commodities accounted for more than 81% of the State’s total nonfuel mineral production value. Peat production and dimension stone production increased, although the quantities of all other industrial minerals were down slightly. Increases in the mineral commodity values of crushed stone (up by $35 million) and peat (data withheld—company proprietary data), resulted in the State’s slight increase in total nonfuel mineral value. The largest decrease in value took place in industrial sand and gravel (data withheld—company proprietary data). The values of crude gypsum and lime decreased (data withheld—company proprietary data), the value of common clay was down $3.3 million, and the value of portland cement was down slightly (table 1).
 In 2007, Indiana rose in rank in the quantity produced of several minerals as compared with other producing States. The quantity of common clay produced rose to 10th from 11th, the quantity of crushed stone produced rose to 11th from 12th, the quantity of crude gypsum produced rose to 7th from 8th, the quantity of crushed stone produced rose to 11th from 12th, and peat production rose to 8th from 9th. Indiana continued to be 5th in ball clay and masonry cement production, remained 2d in the production of dimension stone and 15th in the production of construction sand and gravel. The State’s rank decreased to 11th from 10th in the production of portland cement and also decreased from 9th to 8th in the production of lime. Indiana accounted for 24% of total raw steel production out of the total U.S. production of 98 million metric tons (Mt).

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