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Northern Mariana Islands Territory Song

Northern Mariana Islands Territory Song

"Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi (In the Middle of the Sea, Is Where My Home Is)"

Lyrics: Jose S. Pangelinan
Music: Wilhelm Ganzhorn
Adoption: 1996

The government of the Northern Mariana Islands amended its constitution in 1996 to make "Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi" the commonwealth's official song. (As a territory of the United States, the official national anthem is the "Star Spangled Banner.") The Marianan anthem is also known as "Satil Matawal Pacifico" in Carolinian. Its lyrics describe a Marianan's love for the territory and pledge, "I can never leave you, O land of mine." The melody of the song is taken from the German folksong "Im Schonsten Wiezengrunde" ("In My Beautiful Green Meadow"), in part due to the fact that the islands were once owned by Germany. There are both Carolinian and Chamoru lyrics. The Chamoru lyrics, by Jose S. Pangelinan, were composed first; the Carolinian version, by David Peter, was adopted after the anthem became official.
"Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi (In the Middle of the Sea, Is Where My Home Is)"
Gi talo gi halom tåsi
Nai gaige tano-hu
Ayu nai siempre hu såga
Malagu' ho
Ya un dia bai hu hånåo
Bai fåtto ha' ta'lo
Ti sina håo hu dingo
O tano-ho
Chorus:Mit beses yan mås
Hu saluda håo
Gatbo na islas Mariånas
Hu tuna håo

Carolinian (Refalawasch) Lyrics
Satil matawal Pacifico
Igha elo faluweey iye
Ighilal igha ebwe lootiw
Tipeey iye
Eew raal nge ibwe mwetesangi
Nge ibwal sefaalitiiy Ese mmwel bwe ibwe lighiti
Bwe falaweey
Chorus:Sangaras faal bwughuwal
Ay tirow ngalugh
Ling ghatchul teel
Faluw Mariånas
Ay Mwareiti.

English Translation
In the middle of the sea
Is where my home is
That is where I will spend my days
It is my desire
If I ever leave this place
One day I will return
For I can never leave you
O land of mine
A thousand times and more
I will honor and salute you
Beautiful islands of the Marianas
Glory be to you.

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