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Rhode Island State Song

Rhode Island State Song

"Rhode Island, It's For Me"

Official State Song
"Rhode Island, It's for Me"
Lyrics: Charlie Hall
Music: Maria Day
Arrangement: Kathryn Chester
Adoption: 1996

Official State March
"Rhode Island"
Lyrics: Thomas Clarke Brown
Music: Thomas Clarke Brown
Adoption: 1996

Comedian Charlie Hall was locally famous in Rhode Island for his songs lampooning the state. When challenged to write something positive about his home, Hall penned the lyrics to "Rhode Island, It's for Me." The Rhode Island legislature quickly designated "Rhode Island, It's For Me," as state song—in fact, it passed both legislative houses unanimously. The song replaced "Rhode Island," written and composed by Thomas Clarke Brown in 1940, which had been designated the official state song in 1949. "Rhode Island" became the official state march when it was replaced as state song in 1996.  -World Trade Press
"Rhode Island, It's for Me"
I’ve been to every state we have,
But I think I’m inclined
To say that Rhody stole my heart.
You can have the forty-nine.
Herring gulls that dot the sky,
Blue waves that paint the rocks,
Water rich with Neptune’s life,
The boats that line the docks.
I see the lighthouse flickering
To help the sailors see.
There’s a place for everyone,
Rhode Island it’s for me.

I love the fresh October days,
The buzz on College Hill,
Art that moves an eye to tear,
A jewelers special skill.
Icicles refract from the sun,
Snow falling gracefully.
Some search for a place that’s warm
Rhode Island it’s for me!

The skyline piercing Providence,
The State House dome so rare.
Residents who speak their minds,
No longer unaware.
Roger Williams would be proud to see his colony,
So don’t sell short this precious port.
Rhode Island it’s for me!

Rhode Island, oh, Rhode Island,
Surrounded by the sea.
There’s a place for everyone,
Rhode Island it’s for me!

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