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Welcome to Guam

Welcome to Guam

Once considered by many Americans to be a backwater U.S. territory useful only as a strategic military location, Guam's national reputation is slowly evolving for the better. Tourists—particularly from former occupier Japan—are increasing in number. Guam is often a more economical destination than Hawaii, but still features the same lush tropical marine climate. Asian and Australian tourists can also take advantage of Guam's closer proximity, not to mention its duty-free shopping. While tourism is undoubtedly an important industry, the U.S. military is still the major employer on Guam. Unfortunately, Guamanians experience a very high rate of unemployment, much higher than the national average.
The largest island in Micronesia, Guam has likely been inhabited since 2000 BCE, when southeastern Indonesians discovered it and eventually became the Chamorro people. The Chamorros' rich cultural history is still evidenced in Guam today in various forms, from music to handicrafts to cuisine. However, during more than 200 years of Spanish colonial rule, native Guamanians were often marginalized and forced to convert to Catholicism, so many elements of the culture have faded. Faced with many environmental concerns in the form of invasive species, Guam is also located in Typhoon Alley, experiencing frequent bouts of storms. Still, even massive typhoons and brown tree snakes can't diminish the island's lush natural beauty.

Territory Name: Guam
Territory Motto: "Where America's Day Begins"
Name for Residents: Guamanians
Abbreviation: GU
Time Zone: Chamorro Standard Time (UTC+10)
Capital City: Hagåtña
Date Granted Territorial Status: July 1, 1950 
Area: 209 square miles (541.3 km²)
Territory Population: 178,000 (2009 estimate)
Largest Cities:
    Dededo - 46,000 (2004)
    Mangilao - 19,474 (2000)
    Tamuning - 18,012 (2000)
Official Languages: English, Chamorro
Highest Point: Mount Lamlam, 1,330 ft (406 m)
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean (sea level)
State Flag
Guam Territory Flag
State Seal
Guam Territory Seal
State Location Map
Guam Territory Map
Author: World Trade Press

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