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Hawaii State Song

Hawaii State Song

"Hawaii Ponoʻî (Hawaii's Own)"

Lyrics: King David Kalakaua (1876)
Music: Royal Bandmaster Henri Berger
Adoption: 1967
"Hawaii Ponoʻî" was composed by King David Kalakaua in 1876 in honor of King Kamehameha I, who founded the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1810.The music was composed by Captain Henri Berger, a renowned German conductor and the king's royal bandmaster. The melody is reminiscent of both "God Save the Queen" and the Prussian hymn "Heil dir im Siegerkranz." From 1876 to 1893, the song served as the national anthem of Hawaii. In 1967, some eight years after Hawaiian statehood, the song was adopted as the state song. "Hawaii Ponoʻî" is a very well-known song in the Islands, where it is sung at state events, football games, and by children at school assemblies.  -World Trade Press
"Hawaii Ponoʻî (Hawaii's Own)"
Ōlelo Hawaiʻi
Hawaiʻi ponoʻ î,
Nânâ i kou môʻ î,
Ka lani aliʻ i,
Ke aliʻ i.

Hawaiʻi ponoʻ î,
Nânâ i nâ aliʻi,
Nâ pua muli kou,
Nâ pôkiʻi.
Hawaiʻi ponoʻî,
E ka lahui ç,
ʻO kou hana nui
E ui ç.
Makua lani ç,
Kamehameha ç,
Na kâua e pale,
Me ka ihe.
Hawai'i's own true sons,
Be loyal to your king,
Your country's liege and lord
The chief.
Hawaiʻi's own true sons,
Look to your chiefs,
The children after you,
The young. 
Hawaiʻi's own true sons,
People of loyal heart,
The only duty lies
List and abide.
Father above us all,
Kamehameha e,
Who guarded in the war,
With his spear.

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