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Arkansas State Flower

Arkansas State Flower

Apple Blossom (common name)
Malus domestica
 (scientific name)


Apple blossoms are beautiful fragrant flowers that grow on the apple tree, one of the widely cultivated fruit trees. The flowers emerge in spring along with the leaves, while the fruit matures in autumn. Apple blossoms generally have five petals, but are also found with 6–10 petals (semi-double) and more than 10 petals (double). They bloom in clusters at the end of long stalks. The petals are elliptical. The apple tree is deciduous, with oval alternate green leaves. At one time, Arkansas was a major producer of apples and was sometimes called "The Land of the Big Red Apple." The apple blossom was therefore adopted as the state flower in 1901. The annual Arkansas Apple Festival is hosted by the town of Lincoln in Washington County.


Duration: Perennial
Plant: Tree
Mature Height: 10–39 ft (3–12 m)
Flowering: Spring
Flowers: Five petals, 0.9–1.4 in (2.5–3.5 cm) in diameter
Flower Color: White and pink
Leaves: 1.9–4.7 in (5-12 cm) long and 1.2–2.4 in (3–6 cm) wide
Fruit/Seed Color: : Large red or green edible fruit
Location: Open hilly areas at medium altitudes in temperate climates.
Range: Originated in central Asia, but now found all over the world in temperate climates.
  • Apples are often associated with religion and mysticism. To many Christians, the apple is identified as the biblical "forbidden fruit" which Eve urged Adam to taste, as a consequence of which both were shunned by God.
  • The similar-sounding Latin words malum, for evil, andmalus, for apple, are actually unrelated. 
  • The color of apple blossom flowers symbolizes purity and innocence. In Arkansas, brides are presented with apple blossoms on their wedding day. The flowers are used for decoration during christening ceremonies and birthday parties.

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State Flower
Apple Blossoms
State Flower
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State Flower
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Species:M. domestica
Author: World Trade Press

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