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Idaho State Bird

Idaho State Bird

Mountain Bluebird (common name) 
Sialia currucoides 
(scientific name)


The mountain bluebird is a medium-sized thrush that breeds in the open country and mountains of the North American West. The male is a brilliant sky blue, while the female is gray with blue on her wings and tail. The bird was designated the official state bird of Idaho in 1931 and of Nevada in 1967. Ninety-two percent of its diet is insects; it also eats berries. Its nest is built in a hollow tree or a rocky crevice. Mountain bluebirds travel in small mixed flocks in the winter alongside sparrows and western bluebirds. Chicks are fed by both parents, but usually only brooded by the female. Mountain bluebirds can fly after three weeks and become independent a month after that. Parents have been known to raise a second brood in a single breeding season.


Arctic bluebird, Rocky Mountain bluebird
 SizeLength to end of tail: 6.3-7.9 in (16-20 cm)
Wing from flexure: 11-12.75 in (27-32 cm)
Length of tail: 7 1/4 in (18 cm)
Length to end of tail: 6.3-7.9 in (16-20 cm)
Wing from flexure: 11-12.75 in (27-32 cm)
Length of tail: 7 1/4 in (18 cm)
 Weight1.1 oz (30 g)1.1 oz (30 g)
The mountain bluebird feeds by hunting from perches and swooping down to catch its prey, hovering over its prey, or catching flying insects in midair.
Meadows, cultivated fields, and the edges of pine and aspen forests.
Range: The northern range extends from central Alaska in the north, southwest to eastern British Columbia, and east to Minnesota. The southern range is in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
Migration: Most mountain bluebirds migrate in September or October from the north to winter in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Some birds move to lower elevations in winter as well. They return to their northern nesting grounds in March. Some southern birds are permanent residents.
Conservation Status: Least concern (LC)
Nesting Period: April-early May
Clutch Size: 4-8 eggs
Incubation Period: 13-14 days
Egg Description: Pale blue or white
Egg Size: 0.8-1.0 x 0.6-0.7 in (20-25 x 15-18 mm)
Townsend's solitaire, eastern bluebird, western bluebird.
  • During breeding season, mountain bluebirds are usually found above 7,000 feet (2,100 m), and they have been sighted at elevations as high as 12,300 feet (3,700 m). 
  • A group of thrushes are collectively called a "hermitage" of thrushes or a "mutation" of thrushes.

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State Bird
Male Mountain Bluebird
State Bird
Female Mountain Bluebird
State Bird
Juvenile Mountain Bluebird
State Bird
Mountain Bluebird
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Species:S. currucoides
Author: World Trade Press

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