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Welcome to Connecticut

Welcome to Connecticut

"The Constitution State"

California may have General Sherman, purportedly the world's largest tree, but Connecticut has the Charter Oak, a symbol so enmeshed in the history and identity of the state its image was included on the Connecticut state quarter in 1999. Legend has it this lone oak was responsible for secreting the Connecticut Charter from a royal agent in 1687, when it was hidden in its trunk. That charter is the oldest such document in the United States, having influenced the federal Constitution. Some historians even contend it is the oldest constitution in the world.
But Connecticut's pioneering political history is not the only thing Nutmeggers have to boast about. The state enjoys the highest per-capita income in the U.S. and has the second highest number of multimillion-dollar homes after California. However, economic disparity is evident, particularly in the more blue-collar area of eastern Connecticut and the capital of Hartford, which is one of the 10 cities nationwide with the lowest per capita income. 
Southwestern Connecticut is considered part of the New York metropolitan area, leading some New Yorkers to label that part of the state as a bedroom community for the privileged. But Connecticut has its own unique culture as well—while it has no professional sports teams to call its own, the economic impact of the state's arts and tourism industries generated more than $14 billion in 2006.

State Name: Connecticut
State Nickname(s): "The Constitution State," "The Nutmeg State"
State Motto: Qui Transtulit Sustinet ("He who transplanted sustains")
Name for Residents: Connecticuter
Abbreviation: CT
Time Zone: UTC, GMT/UTC -5 / -4 (Daylight Savings Time)
Capital City: Hartford
Date of Statehood: January 9, 1788 
Statehood Rank: 5th state
Area: 5,543 sq mi (14,356 km²)
Area Rank: 48 of 50
Number of Counties: 8
State Population: 3,501,252 (2008 estimate)
Largest Cities:
    Bridgeport - 142,200 (2009)
    Hartford - 124,512 (2006)
    New Haven - 124,000 (2006)
Major Rivers:
    Connecticut River - Length: 407 mi (655 km)
    Housatonic River - Length: 149 mi (240 km)
    Pawcatuck River - Length: 30 mi (48 km)    
Highest Point: South slope of Mount Frissell, 2,380 ft  (726 m)
Lowest Point: Long Island Sound, (sea level)
Bordering States and Countries:
    Massachusetts (North)
    Rhode Island (East)
    New York (West and South)
Record High Temperature:
    106°F (41°C)
    July 15, 1995 at Danbury
Record Low Temperature:
    -32°F (-35°C)
    February 16, 1943 at Falls Village
State Flag
Connecticut State Flag
State Seal
Connecticut State Seal
State Location Map
Connecticut Location Map
State Only Map
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